1. We are very very sick even though we don't look sick
  2. When you hear the word arthritis. It isn't your grandmas arthritis. It's an autoimmune disease There is no cure
  3. When you see us using a handicap parking spot. Please don't look at us like we are faking. We hide pain well. If we park closer it conserves our energy
  4. We live in constant pain. We take a lot of pain meds. Taking a Tylenol is like popping a Tylenol. Please don't judge.
  5. We take a lot of medications including chemo. The same type of chemo as cancer patients.
  6. Please don't forget about our friendship with you. We have to cancel plans all the time. We don't know how we are going to feel from one day or even one hour to the next. We need our friends. It's lonely being sick.
  7. We are not lazy. We have a huge amount of fatigue and need a lot of rest all the time.
  8. We can't exercise without what the dr says is ok. We can cause major damagje to our joints. Pain means we have inflammation in our joints. We can cause more damage to our joints.
  9. Diet can help our lives just like yours. Please don't judge if we have a burger. We have so little to enjoy.
  10. Please call or text us. Let us know you are there for us. Even just a hart emoji would make us smile. A joke or a happy thought. Depression is huge. Ask if you can get groceries or take care of the kids or go to the pharmacy