Rheumatoid Arthritis isn't your grandmas Arthritis.

  1. When you get diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis you sit there in the doctors office in shock. My husband was with me when I was diagnosed. He asked if I was going to die. YES it's that serious.
  2. It attacks all of your joints. It attacks even the smallest joints. The ones in your ears, sternum, jaw ... It also attacks all your organs.
  3. We take chemo and scary medications that kills our immune systems. The studies don't know what will happen long term on the new treatments. We often get a variety of other auto immune diseases along with it
  4. Fibro Malgia, IBS, Chrones, MS, shojrens All of these often come along with it. I have 2 of the ones listed along with RA.
  5. Drinking prune juice or adding turmeric to our food isn't going to cure us. I have heard grape juice can cure it. I have heard it's all in my head I have heard that I'm lazy. Take more vitamins and you will be ok. Pity doesn't cute it ether. Exercise the pain away, no pain no gain.
  6. There is truth that vitamins, better diet and exercise will help some. It isn't anybody's place to tell me that except my partner or my doctor. Don't insult us. We do still have a brain.
  7. Pain is like your best friendamy. Pain tells us we have active RA. It feels like we got hit by a bus. Pain throws us under that bus. We don't have a cure. We can't arrest the pain for hurting us. We can prosecute it to the fullest extent of medical advancement.
  8. We are all warriors. The RA brings out the worst and the best in us. We learn to appreciate the small but most important moments. A hug, a kiss, a child laughing, a beautiful day. We learn to thank RA for that sometimes. The trick is to keep that thought all the time.
  9. We need a CURE. IN our lifetime I think we can find a CURE. We need to raise money for the cause. Make a small donation. That money goes to finding us a cure. It goes to fighting the government to change the laws on drug costs. A lot of medications cost way to much for us to afford to take. We need CHANGE. TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE THIS CHANGE.
  10. THANK YOU FOR READING THIS. You are all loved by me.