Unranked; all different genres; stream of consciousness; no limits.
  1. The Jetsons
    https://youtu.be/NnHwIuYReB8 Everything you could possibly want in a theme song: fabulous arrangement, catchy lyrics, perfect animation sequence.
  2. The NBA on NBC
    https://youtu.be/5d79tWtloBw If you were a sports fan in the '90s, especially as a kid, this was the soundtrack to your Sunday afternoons...and most of May and June. Written by John Tesh!!
  3. The Price is Right
  4. Perfect Strangers
    https://youtu.be/aPyc7dH28KE The first of many TGIF themes written by the team of Jesse Frederick and Bennett Salvay (Full House, Family Matters, Step by Step). Fantastic closing theme also included here.
  5. L.A. Law
    https://youtu.be/DouX9Ubw-Xw The first appearance on this list by Mike Post, who is so prolific at writing TV theme songs that The Who wrote a song about him, appropriately titled "Mike Post Theme." Also, this is still the song playing in my head anytime I walk into a law office.
  6. Dragnet
    https://youtu.be/nx5GwULPU90 I mean, when the first four notes have pretty much become synonymous with a run-in with the law...
  7. Hawaii Five-O
    https://youtu.be/Wr9WEFZ29FY Played this once in middle school jazz band and TOTALLY did not do it justice.
  8. The Odd Couple
    https://youtu.be/mYeAu71rHdE "On November 13th..."
  9. The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson
    https://youtu.be/AH2yRa2jZek Heeeeeeere's...one of the most recognizable TV tunes of all time.
  10. Coach
    https://youtu.be/LomCpLcIyTw Man, I loved this show -- and this theme -- as a kid. Looking back, I do not remember the show surviving until, apparently, 1997. And I was disappointed when the rumored NBC reboot fell through.
  11. Valerie/The Hogan Family
    https://youtu.be/Ca0R6qOwS7Y I never watched this but damn, this is the epitome of '80s TV themes. And if the singer sounds familiar, she should: it's the legendary Roberta Flack.
  12. Other theme songs I love but feel it would be redundant to include here: Cheers, Dallas, I Dream of Jeannie, Mary Tyler Moore (first season), Family Feud.
  13. Oh, and this one...