Downloaded this app and said to myself, "What would be the perfect first list to make?" Here goes...just personal favorites of mine...
  1. How Many...?
    Various iterations; my favorite was "How Many Men in Spider-Man Suits Can Fit Into a Jamba Juice?" (Dave once also ran a tube from the Jamba Juice across the street into the studio, so he could have drinks personally filled for him at his desk.)
  2. Canned Ham
    Sometime in the mid-90s, early in the CBS run and especially on Friday nights, Dave would randomly throw canned ham steaks out at the audience. One of the more irreverent bits I remember from when Mom and Dad would let me stay up late. Additional Friday night honorable mention: the CBS Mailbag (formerly Viewer Mail).
  3. Stupid Pet Tricks/Stupid Human Tricks
  4. Charles Grodin
    This was actually a carryover from Johnny Carson's Tonight Show, where Grodin would come on for an interview and act intentionally hostile toward Letterman. If you were in on the joke (i.e., having seen Grodin on the show or on Carson in the past), hilarious.
  5. Great Moments in Presidential Speeches
    Ran from approximately 2001-2008. Setup: video of FDR's "only thing we have to fear," video of JFK's "ask not...," video of George W. Bush saying something stupid.
  6. Guess the Pie
    In which Dave's octogenarian mother would appear via satellite from her home in Indiana with a counter full of fresh-baked pies, and Dave had to guess which kinds they were.
  7. Will it Float?/Is This Anything?
    Favorite one: when Martin Brodeur appeared with the Stanley Cup and Dave and Paul, after some debate, decided that it was, in fact, ”something." Honorable mention here: Know Your Current Events/Know Your Cuts of Meat.
  8. Hello Deli
    I love me some Rupert Jee.
  9. Darlene Love
    Beginning in 1986 on the NBC show and continuing all the way through 2014, Darlene Love would appear as the musical guest the Friday night before Christmas to sing her '60s classic "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)." Chills, every time.
  10. Top 10 List
    Come on, what's this list called in the first place?