Some of the top characters to use or watch out for in NUNS4
  1. Sasuke Uchiha (rinne-sharingan)
    I don't use Sasuke but with a frame advatange in striking, crazy insane combos, speed, the fastest kunai attack, an unbeatable ranged justu, giant ultimate form and a stumble attack which allows a player to tie an ultimate justu into a striking combo Sasuke rinne at any age is possibly the most diverse and dangerous character in the game. He is a force to be reckoned with no matter who you are playing with.
  2. Shisui Uchiha
    He's a got a great ranged attack that does fire damage, he's a quick striker and he has the oh so helpful kunai instead of shuriken. His Uchiha Halo style justu if used properly can also keep enemies at bay and drain their substitutions if they arent careful. His ultimate transformation is also long ranged and can do some devastating damage.
  3. Neji Hyuga
    Neji has saved me more times than I can count. He's possibly the fastest striker, doling out huge punishing combos that chain in succession. However by giving Neji the palm rotation he serves his most important job which is as a shield. When your main is being attacked Neji's rotation if used properly can break combos, give you cover and stop 90% of all attacks in the game plus its radius is so large most people cant substitute out of its damaging radius. Making up for his lack of ranged attacks
  4. Madara Uchiha (Reanimation, Fire style dragon flame loud singing justu equipped)
    I'll be honest I use Madara but I try to avoid using him as my main simply because of how broken he is. Madara easily has the best range in the whole game. His fire justu is a chain attack and crosses the map and his strikes can literally break a game if you spam it. Its kind of a dick move but if you need your opponent to back off or if youre in a corner Madara can turn the tide of the match.
  5. Itachi Uchiha (Fireball Justu equipped)
    Itachi is a personal favorite both as a character of the show and in game. His fireball justu has greta distance and he's incredibly fast despite his weak range when it comes to striking. But once you get a combo started its hard to break. He's also an amazing back up. His fireball justu nearly always hits his mark
  6. Hashirama Senju (sage mode, Shadow clone Shuriken Justu equipped)
    Hashirama isnt the fastest character but his range is insane even able to strike characters who have jumped into the air once his combo starts going. Whats more if you equip the Shadow clone shuriken your enemies will be forced to guard or they will lose substitutions or get hit as the attack homes in on enemies. His ultimate transformation also has a great range and can cross the field in seconds.
  7. Pain (or Nagato)
    Pain should be used much like Neji as a shield. His almighty push is shorter than the palm rotation but has a larger radius. Pain is also not as fast as Neji but makes up for it in a greater diversity of attacks. His combo already includes an almighty push to defend you if your opponent gets behind you and his ultimate form has a justu absorbing attack and a ranged attack making him arguably more accessible than Neji is. (Nagato functions much like Pain does)
  8. Minato Namikaze (reanimation)
    I do not personally use this character but Minato is one of the fastest characters in the game period. he can also pull off crazy combo successions and has a secondary teleporting Rasengan to attack distance opponents. Minato's greatest strength though is his ultimate form where he can both teleport and unleash devastating attacks that are nearly impossible to counter or respond to. (Ive lost many matches because my opponent turned Minato into ultimate form.
  9. Danzo Shimura
    I do not personally use Danzo and I honestly find him to be a very mundane character. His speed is average and so is his justu but Danzo has an ability in his ultimate mode which makes him a serious threat no player should ignore. In his ultimate form Danzo has an attack which if it lands will end the match automatically. So if youre in a jam and are way behine Danzo can be a hail mary he is definitely someone all players should watch out for
  10. Might Guy (Eight Gates)
    I do not use Guy and like Danzo I find him ti be a very mundane character that doesn't stand out in and particular way. However like Danzo and Minato, Guy's ultimate form is a force to be reckoned with. It does devastating damage and in multiple succession capable of ripping through any defense. Be warned however as when the ultimate mode ends Guy will be immobile for a long period of time.