Attention all couples! Looking to spice up your love life? Why not try playing different roles? Feel the rush and excitement of fooling around with someone new! This week's top picks:
  1. The ski instructor and Sharon, the nervous typist from Accounts
  2. The lonely vet and Burungo, the wounded ape
  3. The pool cleaner guy and the neatly folded napkin
  4. The female star trek cosplay enthusiast and the bored car park attendant with about two hours left on his shift and squeaky shoes
  5. The barmaid and "Squeaky the clown"
  6. The foreign correspondent and the surly midget
  7. The mime with tourettes and the No. 13 bus from Waterloo, and this week's most popular choice:
  8. The elderly spinster middle-school teacher and the snow globe she bought in Paris thirty years ago