If you know you know. If you don't then those are "subgroups" of the lesbian identity.
  1. So I love labels
    I love being able to choose a phrase that you can use to distill who you are. I love being able to use the phrase bisexual, it fits me. It feels right.
  2. But I have a hard time with all the "kinds" of lesbian that there are
    I'm not a "lesbian" but I do like girls
  3. And the idea of being a "butch lesbian" or a "lipstick lesbian" seems so nice
    To know what your style is and your vibe and have the language to share that.
  4. But I'm not a lesbian.
  5. I'm bisexual
  6. But I'm not a butch bisexual
    And I'm not a femme bisexual
  7. Is there a term for a tomboyish bisexual girl that likes boy things sometimes but also girl things?
    I like a guys wallet but I also wear vans and short shorts with a polka dot shirt
  8. I'm comfortable being a girl, it feels true to me most of the time
    And I like a whole bunch of things that I don't think gender has anything to do with, like people