1. Something we all beat ourselves up for, being idle. But why?
    The Industrial Revolution, that's why.
  2. Not just about marathon training.
    Deeply philosophical about many different facets of life. Great read for those training and not training.
  3. Static
    picked this one up because @bjnovak recommended it in a list for Strand Book Store. read it in 5 hours flat, if that lends any idea on how irresistible it is.
  4. Static
    kept finding myself on ridiculous spending sprees and wanted to know why i was so helpless to the urges
  5. Static
    sounds soooooo nice
  6. A++++
    i've never been more frightened by a book, seriously. my heart was racing as i turned each page towards the end. GREAT read full of unexpected twists and turns. the best debut novel from an author i've ever read.
  7. candy
    i read this book at least once a year. it's such an illuminating look at addiction when it's intertwined with love. Luke Davies is a lyrical writer.
  8. funny.
    quick read that will make ya laugh