Solid advice
  1. Icecream
  2. Gelato
  3. Frozen yogurt
  4. Sorbet
    For those who like sorbet. I myself do not, but saw a pattern and became victim to it
  5. Misconduct on your friends roof, balcony and/or outdoor space
  6. Read timeout, say you'll do all the suggested spring things and then... not do any of the suggested spring things
  7. Day drink instead
  8. Watch the crazies get crazier in Washington square
  9. Become a baseball fan
    Then poorly organize a trip to the game, arrive late, buy a beer and a hotdog for a few innings, notice your farmers tan then notice everyones left
  10. Get a wet bum in the park
  11. Buy a picnic blanket
  12. Spill something on your picnic blanket and get a wet bum in the park
  13. Sneeze
    God i love a good sneeze
  14. Get asked back to aforementioned friends' outdoor space and repeat history
  15. If still in school, glare out the window and wait FOREVER
  16. If not in school be outside and soak up that sunnyshine
    But not too much soakage, you're getting old after all
  17. Be both the bird and the bee
    One day your kids will thank you