1. Here is me this morning, doing what I do, snoozing in the big bed. I'm pretty adorable.
  2. My human grabbed this rope she like to tie around my neck - don't know why I just roll w it. Dragged me out of bed so figure we were just going out.
  3. Yup headed into the hallway
  4. into the real small room
  5. We just stand there for a minute for no apparent reason.
  6. Out we go
  7. Human drags me to the curb and says 'do your business' human it's called pee, not business that's ridiculous and I'm embarrassed every time you say it
  8. We stand in the street where she waves her arm around
  9. We get in one of these things that make me want to barf
  10. Yup just sitting here
  11. We get out and I meet this good looking fella
  12. Oh, no, nope not that place.
  13. Once inside I met this guy
  14. These guys
  15. This big one was as stressed being there as I was
  16. This one refused to walk and was being dragged
  17. We went into this room
  18. Wtf is that
  19. Wtf is that
  20. Oh I get it it's supposed to be funny, this is NOT a funny place stop trying
  21. I waited
  22. Looked at my human who I am not a fan of right now
  23. Oh shit
  24. Oh shit
  25. Oh my god oh shit
  26. Ahhhhhh oh shit..then they took me away and removed a layer of my eye ball wtf wtf wtf
  27. They brought me back to my I guess you are ok with them removing a layer of my eyeball...NOT into you! I'm in a god damn cone!
  28. Pills and instructions
  29. We left and this guy was being carried poor bastard, bet you leave in one of these cones too
  30. We walked..I'm in a cone
  31. We walked by the 'tress to go' area, they call it Christmas, whatever that is. Ahhhhhh I'm in a cone.
  32. This smells really good, straight to the nose in the cone, at least there is one good thing
  33. This guy passed me and said 'you poor bastard in the cone'
  34. This didn't work out in the cone
  35. We agree cones suck
  36. Back to the small room where we stand there for no apparent reason
  37. Open the god damn door human I'm in a cone and I want my breakfast
  38. This food bowl @rachaelray got me is high enough for me to get the cone around
  39. Seriously your cutting the pill in half? You know they scraped a layer off my eye ball don't you?
  40. Gimme that pill!
  41. Ok thank you
  42. I have a doggie contact lens in, can you see it? How messed up is that??
  43. Back where I started the day, told you it went to crap.