1. Here is me this morning, doing what I do, snoozing in the big bed. I'm pretty adorable.
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  2. My human grabbed this rope she like to tie around my neck - don't know why I just roll w it. Dragged me out of bed so figure we were just going out.
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  3. Yup headed into the hallway
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  4. into the real small room
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  5. We just stand there for a minute for no apparent reason.
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  6. Out we go
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  7. Human drags me to the curb and says 'do your business' human it's called pee, not business that's ridiculous and I'm embarrassed every time you say it
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  8. We stand in the street where she waves her arm around
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  9. We get in one of these things that make me want to barf
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  10. Yup just sitting here
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  11. We get out and I meet this good looking fella
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  12. Oh shit...no, no, nope not that place.
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  13. Once inside I met this guy
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  14. These guys
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  15. This big one was as stressed being there as I was
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  16. This one refused to walk and was being dragged
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  17. We went into this room
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  18. Wtf is that
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  19. Wtf is that
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  20. Oh I get it it's supposed to be funny, this is NOT a funny place stop trying
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  21. I waited
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  22. Looked at my human who I am not a fan of right now
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  23. Oh shit
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  24. Oh shit
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  25. Oh my god oh shit
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  26. Ahhhhhh oh shit..then they took me away and removed a layer of my eye ball wtf wtf wtf
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  27. They brought me back to my human...so I guess you are ok with them removing a layer of my eyeball...NOT into you! I'm in a god damn cone!
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  28. Pills and instructions
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  29. We left and this guy was being carried in...you poor bastard, bet you leave in one of these cones too
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  30. We walked..I'm in a cone
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  31. We walked by the 'tress to go' area, they call it Christmas, whatever that is. Ahhhhhh I'm in a cone.
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  32. This smells really good, straight to the nose in the cone, at least there is one good thing
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  33. This guy passed me and said 'you poor bastard in the cone'
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  34. This didn't work out in the cone
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  35. We agree cones suck
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  36. Back to the small room where we stand there for no apparent reason
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  37. Open the god damn door human I'm in a cone and I want my breakfast
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  38. This food bowl @rachaelray got me is high enough for me to get the cone around
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  39. Seriously your cutting the pill in half? You know they scraped a layer off my eye ball don't you?
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  40. Gimme that pill!
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  41. Ok thank you
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  42. I have a doggie contact lens in, can you see it? How messed up is that??
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  43. Back where I started the day, told you it went to crap.
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