It's a short list...
  1. Usually when I walk out on set 150 humans say "Awww", with the cone 150 humans say "AWWWWW" is deafening & I LOVE it.
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  2. This human @rachaelray who is always enormously generous with the love and treats jumped out of the makeup chair to smother me with love and sympathy. I went bonkers licking her face and, yes, her makeup human shot me some shade so I farted When i was leaving the room- that's how I throw shade.
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  3. I'm on pills & spend a lot of time in bed in the culinary teams office where people stop by all day to rub my ears since I can't get to them w this bloody cone on my head.
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  4. This kid came by and taunted me from the other side of the sliding door. when some one went to open the door he freaked I might get at him. It's called payback kid.
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