Books I've Read So Far In 2016

Also, how I feel about them.
  1. A Man Called Ove
    By Fredrik Backman. If the first fifteen minutes of UP were a book, it would be this book. I adored it.
  2. The Profession of Violence
    By John Pearson. A very interesting biography of the Kray brothers-a good train read.
  3. Love Does
    By Bob Goff. I didn't love this as much as I wanted to, honestly. It was a little cheesy to me, but there were parts that inspired me.
  4. A Little Life
    By Hanya Yanagihara. This book absolutely devastated me. Every single page crushed me, and I'll probably never read it again, but I'm so glad I read it at all.
  5. Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?
    By Mindy Kaling. Light and breezy, I finished this one in a few hours. I enjoyed it, and there were parts where I actually laughed out loud.
  6. When You Reach Me
    By Rebecca Stead. This book openly references A Wrinkle In Time, and it invokes the same feeling-enchanted, but still not totally sure what happened. A great children's book.
  7. Strumpet City
    By James Plunkett. This one took me FOREVER, and it could definitely be slow paced. Beautiful passages were scattered through, though, and I feel like Plunkett gave a full spectrum view of Dublin before the War.
  8. Attachments
    By Rainbow Rowell. Cute, but I can't make the plot line- a man falls in love with someone through reading the emails she and her friend exchange without their knowledge- seem not creepy, no matter how hard I try. Love Rowell, though.
  9. Wild
    By Cheryl Strayed. Again, I didn't love it as much as I wanted to. There are a few moments of insight, though, that I really enjoyed.
  10. The Art of Fielding
    By Chad Harbach. I appreciated the full range of characters and how they interrelated to each other, but sometimes I feel like the plot got lost.
  11. Howl's Moving Castle
    By Dianna Wynne Jones. The book is not the movie, and this might be the first time I enjoy the movie better though. The book was still great though- an endearing fairy tale I wish I had had as a kid.
  12. This Is Where I Leave You
    By Jonathan Tropper. An easy read that had me laughing out loud at parts.