PEOPLE got the Tinder team to reveal something even the most savvy swipers don't know, so get your thumbs ready: Here are some of the most desirable guys from every state (and links to their profiles so you can meet the match closest to you – what, you didn't think we'd leave you hanging, did you?)
  1. Jimmy, Maryland
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    Why we're swiping right: Shoulders this broad are just begging to have arms wrapped around them.
  2. Chris, Indiana
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    Why we're swiping right: We had no idea this is what Indiana has to offer. BRB, planning our next vacation.
  3. Corey, Hawaii
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    Why we're swiping right: This guy chills with sea turtles in his free time – just imagine the cool dates he has planned for you.
  4. Gio, Georgia
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    Why we're swiping right: Southern charm is just oozing out of this photo.
  5. Yoel, Florida
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    Why we're swiping right: We have one word: confidence.
  6. Peter, Illinois
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    Why we're swiping right: Classy, yet fun. Obviously we're into it.
  7. Adam, Tennessee
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    Why we're swiping right: He's the only 10 we see! (Okay, we'll show ourselves out).
  8. Shawn, Missouri
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    Why we're swiping right: That hair is dying to have hands run through it. Our hands, to be specific.
  9. Andy, Texas
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    Why we're swiping right: This hottie clearly knows how to stay chill, so maybe we can add some Netflix to his regimen?
  10. Nol, Rhode Island
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    Why we're swiping right: This all-star student has a smile that just won't quit.
  11. Anthony, Minnesota
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    Why we're swiping right: Outdoorsy types almost always mean an exciting and adventurous relationship – so we'd so step out of our Netflix and chill routine for you, Anthony.
  12. Zach, Maine
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    Why we're swiping right: Nothing is sexier than a deep thinker, and we're almost positive Zach can read our minds.
  13. James, Wisconsin
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    Why we're swiping right: We might not know much about James, but we know blue shirts make his eyes look really, really nice.
  14. Andy, New Jersey
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    Why we're swiping right: Clearly this is a guy who knows how to roll up his sleeves and get things done – like making us swoon.
  15. Tucker, Oklahoma
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    Why we're swiping right: That All-American athletic thing just gets us blushing. Every time. Every. Time.
  16. George, West Virginia
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    Why we're swiping right: This pulse-quickening cutie is prepared to check our heart rate, and that's so goals.
  17. Shannen, Delaware
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    Why we're swiping right: Studies have shown that a proficiency on a guitar makes any man 75 percent hotter (although we don't think Shannen needed the boost).
  18. Lucas, North Carolina
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    Why we're swiping right: The artistic chops of a photographer and the athletic prowess of a surfer is an unbeatable combination.
  19. Konnor, South Dakota
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    Why we're swiping right: We know a proper gentleman when we see one!
  20. Kyle, Mississippi
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    Why we're swiping right: If he looks this cute with a furrowed brow, just imagine how nice his smile must be.
  21. Jeremy, Arizona
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    Why we're swiping right: We'd like to think that every month is No-Shave November when you're dating Jeremy.
  22. Brandon, Arkansas
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    Why we're swiping right: What exactly is this artsy cutie looking at? We must know.
  23. Garrison, California
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    Why we're swiping right: This California dreamboat is an actor and model? Well, we're not surprised.
  24. Danny, Colorado
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    Why we're swiping right: We've seen this footballer's abs and we're open – we're open!
  25. Adam, Alaska
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    Why we're swiping right: Alaska is cold. This tech-savvy hottie's jawline is ... not.
  26. A.J., Connecticut
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    Why we're swiping right: We can't stop, won't stop thinking about this Michigan State University grad's sweet smile.
  27. Chase, Kansas
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    Why we're swiping right: Is it just us or is this Kansas bachelor staring into our souls right now?
  28. Alex, Kentucky
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    Why we're swiping right: We can't say no to someone who is cute and calm under pressure like a paramedic.
  29. Keith, Louisiana
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    Why we're swiping right: This neonatal ICU nurse has the dream boyfriend job we never knew we wanted.
  30. Justin, Ohio
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    Why we're swiping right: We can already tell Justin makes the perfect wedding date.
  31. Adam, New York
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    Why we're swiping right: If you're questioning why we like this sexy Charlie Hunnam lookalike, you need to get your eyes checked.
  32. Matthew, North Dakota
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    Why we're swiping right: Pearly whites, perfect pooch and a sweet smile. What's not to love?
  33. Eric, Wyoming
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    Why we're swiping right: He's rocking the three c's: confident, cool and casual.
  34. Chris, Washington
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    Why we're swiping right: We appreciate a guy who appreciates the subtle sexiness of the plain white tee.
  35. Matthew, Virginia
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    Why we're swiping right: Oh girl, this looks like a sensitive one. We have high hope that he enjoys rom-coms as much as we do. (And there's only one way to find out ...)
  36. Nick, Vermont
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    Why we're swiping right: We mean ... enough said.
  37. Zak, Utah
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    Why we're swiping right: Ladies love skills. We're not sure if they're deejaying, instrumental or just looking-cool skills, but Zak has definitely got them.
  38. Levi, Iowa
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    Why we're swiping right: It's absolutely essential the guy we're with loves music. Wait, was there something else you were noticing about Levi?
  39. Collins, South Carolina
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    Why we're swiping right: We'd like to see what would happen if he undid a couple more of those buttons. Sorry, we couldn't resist.
  40. Kris, Pennsylvania
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    Why we're swiping right: Once again, we can't resist a puppy.
  41. Draeger, Oregon
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    Why we're swiping right: Those eyes are something special, so please excuse us while we spend the next hour having an imaginary staring contest with Draeger.
  42. Beau, New Mexico
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    Why we're swiping right: Something about this photo just says, "Hey girl, I'm strong, I'm fun, and I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty. Date me forever and ever, yes?"
  43. Nick, New Hampshire
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    Why we're swiping right: We've seen the goods, and we like them.
  44. Peter, Nevada
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    Why we're swiping right: A man in a tie is near irresistible. Also, Peter could hook us up with free dental care for life – holla!
  45. Russell, Nebraska
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    Why we're swiping right: A man in uniform who clearly has an on-point cuddle game. Does heaven know it's missing an angel?
  46. Kevin, Massachusetts
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    Why we're swiping right: Kevin looks like he's up for a party, and we're so down to join.
  47. J.D., Idaho
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    Why we're swiping right: We just want to cozy up to that flannel in front of the fireplace.
  48. Blake, Alabama
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    Why we're swiping right: Wearing pink? This guy is comfortable in his masculinity and we approve.
  49. Jeremy, Montana
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    Why we're swiping right: He's hot and could surely save us next time we're stranded with car trouble, which just wouldn't be a big deal if we were dating Jeremy.
  50. Matthew, Michigan
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    Why we're swiping right: He could be our personal paddle boarding/ fitness coach.