TV I Watched With My Parents Growing Up

Ah the 60's...great TV.
  1. Flipper
    A dolphin
  2. Lassie
    A dog...collie
  3. Star Trek
    Hippies in space
  4. Ed Sullivan Show
    Just fun
  5. Bonanza
    Father and sons...very touching...had a little crush on Michael Landon
  6. Time Tunnel
    Defies description ...also had a crush on James Darren
  7. Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
    Also defies description ...had a crush on David Hedison (who was from RI btw)
  8. Peyton Place
    I really wasn't supposed to watch this as it was considered too racy but I did see a few.
  9. FBI
    Again I really didn't get to watch this all the time so it seemed so great when I did get a chance to watch it.
  10. Gunsmoke
  11. 77 Sunset Strip
    Private eyes
  12. Twilight Zone
    Needs no words
  13. Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom
    Self explanatory