How can YOU live an "on fleek" lifestyle?

All the kids these days are talking about their eyebrows and their hair being "on fleek" but how can you improve yourself in order to be more "on fleek"?
  1. Know your place. Many people struggle with finding their place in the world. In order to improve your on fleek-ness you need to be truthful to yourself about where you are. To be honest if you're not me then you are probably trash. So you should just focus on other people thinking that you are on fleek even though you probably aren't.
  2. Make it seem as though you really care about family by posting a picture of yourself where you look bomb and you're also with another family member. This makes you seem like a good person while also making people realize how attractive you are.
  3. Post pictures of you with a whole bunch of people. This makes you seem popular.
  4. Post pictures of a healthy and expensive homemade meal so that you seem like you have your life together.
  5. When all else fails people are really into the "earth" right now so to appeal to a wide variety of people on social media post the same picture of a sunset that 5 of your other friends have already posted.
  6. I hope this helped you understand how to live/fake on "on fleek" life style. Good luck to all you losers.