Keep in mind that items 5-14 have happened since the bottom of the 9th inning.
  1. Pepperoni Pizza (Eaten)
  2. Fresh Squeezed IPAs (Drank)
  3. Bowled three games and won one of them
  4. Discussed a way to better market the "bowling lounge" where most of Game 1 was watched
  5. Drove back to apartment
  6. Panicked because I thought my apartment keys were lost
  7. Drove back to the "bowling lounge" to attempt to retrieve missing keys
  8. Complained to the manager of the "bowling lounge" that without my keys I would basically be homeless
  9. Drove back to apartment and found keys in garage door deadbolt lock
  10. Thanked God for missing keys being found
  11. Wrote in journal
  12. Pre-bed toothbrushing
  13. Attempt to find World Series emojis (to no avail)
  14. Watch more of Game 1