My In-Flight Podcast Schedule

With approximately 200 minutes to fill up from SFO to DAL, I have about enough time for a few episodes and a quick nap.
  1. Keepin' it 1600
    I love listening to Jon Favreau and Dan Pfeiffer analyze every single Trump (mis)step from the past week. Hilarious and ruthless commentators doing a play by play of the most entertaining political season, ever.
  2. Dear Sugar
    Cheryl Strayed is like your best friend turned tough love therapist. Aching love stories/traumas with a glimmer of hope and resilience.
  3. Planet Money
    Not sure I am sold on Planet Money, yet. Hoping to learn something about oil or finance or whatnot.
  4. Harry Potter and the Sacred Text
    Analyzing Harry Potter as if it were the Bible? Sure, sign me up.