1. I've seen that a suggested topic is 'embarrassing selfies'
  2. Writing a list is something which is supposedly productive, or will at least lead to productivity. I see this app helping with neither.
  3. When thinking of list topics, I can only think of things to complain about.
  4. I forget how much I dislike pondering over the first post.
    I still remember my first tweet- 'ME. NEED. FOOD' Although still relevant to this day, it wasn't my most well constructed piece. Much like this list.
  5. New year, new password. This one I am sure to forget. In fact, I've already forgotten it.
    I blame the app for inspiring such carelessness. I was swept away in the moment.
  6. Just another reason why I can never become famous.
    The Daily Mail could put a spin on this list like no other. Somehow I'll have put on a 'leggy display'
  7. The upper case list titles suggest I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY. .'
    Already my title for this list makes me think 'alright, calm it love