1. 'We could never fall out'
    It would be so awkward.
  2. 'Shall we be naughty and have some [insert food]'
    Kinder Buenos/biscuits/chocolate
  3. 'Have you seen the kitchen?'
    It's a mess.
  4. 'So, update.'
    Ooooh. Goss.
  5. 'When's our anniversary?'
    Yh we have a date for when we became official bffl's, an wot
  6. 'When can we next get a crepe?'
    We love our crepes
  7. 'Did you see anyone today?'
    We like to know this so we can interview the supposed witnesses later and establish the alibi. COS WOT IF SHE GOT CREPES WITHOUT ME
  8. 'I'm so excited for when you like someone'
    Then we might actually have something to talk about other than bitching about our flatmates
  9. 'It will so suck when you get a boyfriend'
    Because it really will.
  10. 'Imagine if we didn't have each other.'
    We would have missed home so much more.