I rarely cry, so you could really read into some of this
  1. The final scene of When Harry Met Sally
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    when Frank Sinatra's 'It Had To Be You starts playing, the tears they come a rollin'.
  2. Inception
    When Cillian Murphy's character opens the vault and realises his father cared.
  3. The Mindy Project- Danny and Mindy
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    When Danny tells Mindy he loves her. It makes me cry because of the raw emotion from Mindy. "You love me until you don't. I can't take that anymore. I want something real"
  4. Futurama- Jurassic Bark
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    Fry is about to bring his fossilised dog Seymour back to life, when he suddenly stops the process after finding out Seymour lived long after Fry left. He says that even though he never forgot Seymour, Seymour will have forgotten him a long time ago. It then cuts to a montage of Seymour waiting for Fry in the same spot where he left him, sat through the rain and snow, until he finally closes his eyes. Even my brother cries at this episode.
  5. The Simpsons- Bart The Mother
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    Bart goes to Nelson's, who pressures Bart into shooting a bird. When Marge finds out, after telling Bart not to touch the gun, Bart begs to be punished because he feels so guilty. Marge says she is giving up on punishing him. Think this makes me cry because I feel the gut wrenching guilt you have when your mum is so hurt, she just gives up.
  6. 500 Days of Summer ending
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    I think it's the first time us and Tom have the same view of Summer. Which is sad because, you know, he was in pretty deep. 'I just woke up and I knew' 'Knew what?' 'What I was never sure of with you'