Actors that make me want to go see a movie just because they are in them.
  1. Michael Cera
    Just yes. I love Michael Cera so much. I've seen so many movies with him in it for the sole purpose of the fact that he is in them. MICHAEL CERA.
  2. Amy Poehler
    The woman I call my adoptive mother. Her glorious portrayal of Leslie Knope made me an instant fan. I was immediately intrigued by Inside Out upon hearing that she would be lending her voice to Joy. Also saw They Came Together when they added it on Netflix. You'll be seeing me in theaters December 18th, 2015 for Sisters.
  3. Mindy Kaling (@mindy)
    Just like Amy, I squealed a little when I heard she would be voicing Disgust (who I found I related to most) in Inside Out. She will probably be in The Night Before all of five minutes, but I will be there watching it when it comes out for those fantastic five minutes.
  4. Jonah Hill/Seth Rogen
    I'm grouping these two because any comedy they are in, I will watch it. I will never understand how people could hate Seth Rogen. Jonah Hill is just so entertaining to watch, always.
  5. Molly Ringwald
    This is mainly pertaining to 80's movies, so while I'm at it, I also tend to watch 80's movies with Rob Lowe & Anthony Michael Hall in them.
  6. Julia Stiles
    I love her in 10 Things and The Prince & Me. There are so many movies with her in them on Netflix right now.
  7. Paul Rudd
    He's the reason I've seen Clueless (Honestly don't have any idea why I've never seen it before my obsession with Paul Rudd), Wet Hot American Summer (also featuring Amy!), and more. Still haven't seen Ant-Man, however.
  8. The Emma Trio
    Emma Roberts, Emma Watson, and Emma Stone. I love them, and I love their acting, and I love them for who they are. While I'm at it, Daniel Radcliffe also makes me want to watch some movies, but I do not watch them most of the time.
  9. Jesse Eisenberg
    He and Michael Cera are just amazing to me. I love The Social Network, Now You See Me, both the land of Adventure and Zombie. I'm going to see the sequel to Now You See Me when it comes out so fast.
  10. The Franco Brothers
    Honestly, do I even need to make a case for this? THEY ARE JAMES AND DAVE FRANCO!