Movie and tv scenes that made me incredibly emotional

Probably going to start from the most recent ones I can remember
  1. Homeland (A False Glimmer)
    The last scene where Quinn is in the hospital bed and Carrie is reading the letter he wrote to her and when he said "I loved you"
  2. Homeland (season 6)
    The episode where Carrie is in court with the child protective agency and the judge rules that her daughter would be better off without Carries care. My heart broke, she had been through literally so much and Franny was her only beacon of happiness.
  3. Bridge to taribethia
    Before I went to the theater to watch this movie me and my cousin discussed that I never cried during a movie
  4. Full House
    The two part episode where Michelle falls off the horse. I haven't seen that episode in a while so I don't remember particularly why I cried but I remember sitting in front of the tv and sobbing
  5. Titanic
    Literally the entire second part to the movie along with that song has me messed up
  6. Fury
    The movie doesn't seem to be the weepy type but it hit me hard with the reality of war. I sobbed in the dark in my room for like 15 minutes when it was over
  7. Scrubs
    You know the episode where the Fray's How to Save a Life is playing and five patients die because of an infected transplant donor
  8. The Office
    When Michael proposes to Holly
  9. The Office
    When Michael leaves
  10. The Office
    When Michael comes back for the finale
  11. HIMYM
    When Marshall finds out his father passed away. That one hit hard because Marshall is the gooiest and bubbliest character and no one wants to see Marshall heart broken
  12. The dog episode from Futurama
    I didn't know until that episode that a cartoon could make feel that way
  13. Good Will Hunting