While avoiding writing a paper for my foreign policy class, I came across this 2 star review of The List App on the App Store. This is my response to James3332.
  1. For reference.
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  2. First of all, what the ACTUAL fuck.
    I know this isn't a clear point about why this review sucks and is completely emotion-driven, but I had to get it out.
  3. Second of all, James 3332, you are CLEARLY an idiot.
    What is the POINT of this app? U r clearly blind. Cease and desist.
  4. "Looks decent" (I have given up on the # of alls bc there are just too many)
    @bjnovak at least he was nice about this???
  5. "If you're looking for an app to make lists"
    Ok, who is actually actively searching for this? Does he think this is like a better version of notes or reminders?
  6. "Too cumbersome and not user friendly"
    IMO list app is one of the most streamlined apps I have.
  7. "Really not functional in any way at all"
    Does it work, James3332? Yes, it does. So.... Your point?????????????
  8. "If you're looking for social interaction there probably aren't any apps worse that this."
    Ok, guys, this is my favorite. Because LOL.
  9. "So the question ... Why does this exist?"
    Let me tell you why, James3332. The List App is one of the best apps of all time. OF ALL TIME. I'd write another 387 characters about why it's so great and why you're so dumb, but there's no real point. The List App exists because it is the ULTIMATE vision of a creative, diverse, and supportive group of people. And it has come to life! We don't need you and your shitty username, James3332. Go shove those two stars up your ass.
  10. EDIT: so I just found james3332's list app profile and yeah it seems like he thought this was actually an app to make lists of things you need from the grocery store and such so maybe I just suck. Sry everyone. Also he only follows @mindy so maybe he was just SUPER into her grocery list ideas?????