Inspired by @bisexual
  1. GOVT 331: Middle Eastern Politics
    Should be called: "50/50 Split." Comes with a guarantee that half the students will cry at least once during the semester, and the other half will fully support the war on terror while continuing to yearn for the Bush yesteryears. BONUS: at least 80% of students will mispronounce "Iran." At least 50% of students will mispronounce "nuclear" as "nucular."
  2. GOVT 316: Business and Ethics
    Should be called: "PSYCH GOP SUCKAS, THIS CLASS IS FOR LIBERALZ." Without reading the description, Econ/Govt double majors might think this could be a good choice. Reading the description you find out it's actually about the wage gap and sexual harassment 😘 Sry frat boyz, there's a new sheriff in town 💁🏻
  3. PCA 4023: Technical Production
    Should be called: "I'm a nerd." We build sets and program lights and draw set plans. The professor/my boss describes it as "learning to be a single-person production team." I literally only took this for fun and it might kill me bc of the time commitment.
  4. AAH 256: Art and Nature
    Should be called: "I'm only taking this art history class because I need to fulfill an environmental literacy component and I wouldn't be caught dead in another science class." ✌🏻️
  5. First Year Seminar: Rhetoric and Public Speaking
    Should be called: "this is a class for freshmen only and I am their TA and nobody will survive and the professor didn't tell me I would only be working with freshmen fulfilling a requirement they don't want to fulfill until after I signed the contract fml oml plz save me." 😭