My 21st birthday is tomorrow! Oh, and it's also Christmas. I'm sharing every drunk photo from this year on my camera roll. Most have never seen the light of day. I'm a fuckin' weirdo and this is entirely self indulgent.
  1. No caption necessary. (Obviously)
  2. Caption: 4 margaritaz down while packing uh oh.
  3. Caption: Wet Hot American Summer! Here's Bradley Cooper!
  4. Being silly in Montreal.
  5. I was a cat.
  6. Harry Potter party.
  7. I thought this was the most clever thing I've ever taken. (I was drunk, don't judge me).
  8. This is my boss. He actually loves me.
  9. Halloween.
  10. Caption: A girl, Yoda, and some sparkling wine.
  11. Caption: come over and give me another hickey. 🔥
  12. I actually wasn't drunk for this but want to brag about how impressive it was.
  13. Caption: Almost 21. #sophistication. (I took this about 15 minutes ago).
  14. Merry almost Christmas to everyone else! And happy 21st to me! Now I can drink legally.