Kicking off the first day of public List App with a bang!
  1. I don't like Finding Nemo.
  2. New Hampshire blows.
    I have a theory that if a car has a NH license plate the value of the car is automatically slashed in half.
  3. I only drink pulp orange juice.
    Fuck no pulp.
  4. I could live without toast.
    I would happily not eat toast for the rest of my life.
  5. Maroon 5 sucks.
    I change the radio station every time Maroon 5 is on. Even she will be loved. And that other popular song from 10 years ago. Cannot stand.
  6. I like Donald Trump's honesty.
    Like he's an idiot and I don't agree with anything he says and if he becomes president we would all die but he owns it?? Plz don't hate me.
  7. Stop animal testing.
    So basically like all companies are still animal testing????? So my opinion must be just ridiculous and unpopular???????? For some reason????? I guess I'm just crazy?????