I went to the Poutine Festival in Montreal and ate enough poutine to turn me into a carton of the stuff. I am now 90% poutine. I hope this list serves as inspiration for @rachaelray's poutine endeavors.
  1. Pad Thai Poutine
    This poutine was v creative. It's hard to believe, but it's just what it sounds like! It's just pad thai with french fries instead of noodles. A few cheese curds and ample, classic Thai garnishes finished the dish.
  2. Jaegermeister Poutine
    My favorite of the five. It didn't even taste like jaeger or bad choices! Poutine with bacon and carmelized onions. The sauce was magical, a classic poutine gravy that was thick, sweet, and flavorful with the added Jaegermeister.
  3. Chicken Fajita Poutine
    This poutine was pretty straightforward. Lots of shredded chicken and typical fajita onions and peppers. There wasn't much of a gravy (👎🏻) but the toppings made up for it (👍🏻).
  4. BBQ Chicken Poutine
    This was a great poutine! It was loaded with chicken, barbecue sauce, and lots of cheese curds! The gravy was basically just barbecue, but the BBQ sauce was well done so this was still an A+ carton.
  5. Plain ol' Poutine Poutine
    No description necessary. Poutine is life.