Certain criteria for when it is acceptable in my eyes to have a beer (or margarita) on a Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday evening.
  1. If I'm watching a movie.
  2. If I'm watching a TV show.
  3. If I have a boring reading.
  4. If I have an easy reading.
  5. If I'm working on an emotional piece of writing.
  6. If I have a pointless meeting.
  7. If I have a substantive meeting.
  8. If I'm watching porn with my housemates.
  9. If I'm watching porn alone.
  10. If I have to interact with people I don't want to interact with.
  11. If I'm eating something spicy.
  12. If I'm eating pizza.
  13. If I'm eating.
  14. If I'm v sad.
  15. If I'm celebrating.
  16. If my lady friend is having one.
  17. If I want one.