A list for @kiki. My favorite. Happy Birthday to you!
  1. She is poised.
    This young woman only turned 16 today. 16!
  2. She is talented.
    She has won seven awards!!
  3. She is stunning.
  4. She's going places.
    Did you know that Kiernan was named one of "The 25 Most Influential Teens of 2014" by TIME magazine?
  5. Sally Draper is THE OG.
  6. She's FUN!
    Look at her having fun with her fun friends!
  7. She posts the best food pics. ALL THE TIME.
    I live for Kiernan's food porn.
  8. She just seems rly rly rly nice.
    Have no concrete evidence to back this up bc I've never met her but IMO she would get an A+ in niceness and based on all her friends and how much everyone loves her I would say it's safe to assume she's the nicest person to ever exist.
  9. She makes me smile!