Being Vegan Is

  1. to explain everyone what the word vegan entails
  2. to explain everyone why you chose to limit your diet as such
  3. to ask every ingredient in vegan seeming dishes when ordering food "but do you use eggs in the breading? are you sure?"
  4. to explain your mother, grandmother and the like you are not trying to slowly kill yourself and that you are taking supplements for what you're missing
  5. learning about the needs of your body and vitamins in every food
  6. feeling light
  7. listening to your body and being able to hear what it says almost all the time
  8. eating whatever you like without any guilt
  9. never sharing food with your dog
  10. spending a lot less for grocery shopping
  11. getting creative in the kitchen
    like making caesar sauce out of cashews and yes it tastes much better than the original
  12. drinking amazing smoothies
    smoothies are a great way to eat chia seeds, which are full of protein