As I am every year I was so excited about my resolutions this year.
  1. read more on neuroscience
    nope. to be fair i downloaded a few books read their "contents" pages and since I have the ability to read a whole book by just looking at its contents (thats my super power).... yeah lets say I'm good on this one.
  2. learn physics
    nope. did not do a thing about it. although I still love the idea of a social scientist learning more on positive sciences. hmmmm
  3. apply to scholarships
    yes I did apply! no results yet. but I'm hopeful. although I cannot understand this was a resolution, I'm a PhD candidate I have to apply to scholarships, if you refer to Websters you'll see PhD candidate means intellectual person who has no money depending on state and private investors' goodwill.
  4. take a dance class
    I am calling my friend who takes classes today. Today I tell you. Tomorrow I'll be lindy hopping like crazy.
  5. finish writing that book
    I did write a few more pages. Nowhere close to finishing it. Well I still have the whole year ahead of me! Although April is gone. May will be too busy. In June I'll start my field work. hmmm
  6. drum lessons
    yesss. I asked a friend to teach me. He gave me a class and suffered through my lack of coordination. However, at the end of the class he kissed me. So there are no free classes you either pay with money or kisses.
  7. be open about ur feelings
    Working on it. Even if it takes me a few days in the end I express my feelings. Its not instant yet though. So when I'm feeling down I can't tell my best friend, I need your help. But you know at least I can say that made me feel badly in the aftermath.
  8. date more
    I am dating more. The guy I like right now had a panic attack after we had sex and was hospitalized. Yes I am that good! No I don't think he'll ever want to see me again.