My List of Favorite Comedy Shows

  1. Coupling-first 3 seasons
    yes! this is the best comedy ever. every time i watch it i laugh so hard i pie a little. jeff is the funniest ever character and the man with two legs is the best script- thus far.
  2. the office us first 7 seasons
    yes, the will they or won't they of jim and pam warmed my heart too but what made me love this show is michael's racism thinly veiled behind his naïveté. because this guy whom i would judge and ostracize otherwise was so lovable that he made me question how i reflect my convictions.
  3. black books
    dylan moran and his drunk, well-read, jaded persona! it works so well on him.
  4. seinfeld
    i love that jerry seinfeld "is not a good actor" and is always kind of smiling, as if he was trying to keep from bursting in laughter because jason alexander and julia l. dreyfus are great actors. and george costanza. doesn't he represent the worried-crazy-unsuccessful side of all of us?
  5. will and grace
    in fact i find their comedy a little too crude and most of the time i don't appreciate writers creating comedy over criticizing famous people. and gay stereotypes are just too much. but i love actors' synergy and every time i watch it i feel at home somehow.
  6. friends
    its not funny; i don't laugh but it makes me smile and more importantly it reminds me of the naïveté of 90s. wasn't 90s the best? and the girls are sooooo beautiful, its just easy to watch them.