ok. its only been 2 weeks or so but i feel like i quit for good. so for those who still smoke
  1. i wasn't happy about smoking for a few years.
  2. but i started when i was a kid. and because it has been so long i thought it would be really reaaallly hard to quit.
  3. so i kept procrastinating, putting milestones after which i would quit, it never happened
  4. meanwhile 3 people in my family quit recently
  5. and one day i heard myself saying the only thing i wanna change about myself is smoking
  6. the only thing!? really? wow if it is so i need to do something about it.
  7. so i went to see my therapist for some guidance. he said it would be easy. since i only smoke half a pack to a pack, i wouldn't experience that many physical symptoms. but there would be cravings and frustrations and i had to deal with it.
  8. i was shocked to hear it would be easy. people were telling their veteran stories as though it was really impossible but they somehow managed to survive...
  9. i quit 1 day later
  10. in that day i finished my remaining pack
  11. the first day, i will admit, was not easy. when i understood it was not possible to work i booked a massage and i went early and used their sauna. that changed everything. my headache was gone. my nerves were calm.
  12. the next day i didnt experience any of those symptoms. i had cravings that came in 3 minutes waves. when i took a deep breath or took a short walk or cleaned, the craving went away.
  13. my biggest concern was not the weight gain, it was the focus issue. and my therapist explained that this would be the only real physical symptom coz my brain was used to getting the concentration support from nicotine.
  14. but i didn't wanna use nicotine patches. i don't know why but i never trusted them.
  15. so i got ginkgo biloba. i feel like it works.
  16. and right now i'm editing a translation. it requires a lot of focus. granted the first week it was a little bit harder to work. probably because i had more cravings and i took a lot of walks (which made my dog crazy happy)
  17. so here it is: all these years they have been lying about and exaggerating the difficulties of quitting smoking. if u wanna do it its crazy easy.
  18. u will gain a couple pounds thats for sure coz ur routine and bathroom habits change. just eat more fiber. and don't eat chocolate cake every time u crave a cigarette. and when things settle (i'm yold it takes 21 days) u can lose those pounds
  19. and u feel goooooood. and all those things u had to do to smoke like leave a building for a smoke are not part of ur life anymore. and ur clothes do not stink. and now u can consider running the marathon. u feel like anything is possible. its a really good feeling. much much better than that cigarette u smoke after a conversation vexed u.
  20. thats all folks