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  1. Go to the Studio Ghibli museum
  2. Speak in front of a crowd about a cause that means everything to me
  3. Be really, really good at playing an instrument
    What's the point of knowing how to play a handful of instruments, but not being great at any of them?
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If ever I suddenly become good lol
  1. Ponyo on the cliff by the sea
  2. Princess Mononoke theme
  3. Ave Maria
Things people say that I don't really want to forget. Inspired by Debby Ryan's list.
  1. "Janel, you have powerful thoughts"
    - My lit teacher about my essays
  2. "It's so light...like a croissant"
    - Darryl
  3. My dad looking at a tarsier facing another direction, "is it ashamed????"
Will involve a lot of names a random person may not know.
  1. Bernice laughs at my jokes even if they're terrible (EVEN when she denies that she does)
  2. My brother asks me to watch anime with him because I think he wants to spend time with me
  3. Strawberry milk
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  1. Why is there always a battle about which cause is more important?
  2. At what age is it acceptable to consider someone a "daddy"?
    The connotation you are assuming is correct
  1. toxic relationships
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  1. Family and friends
    Obvious reason
  2. Haven't read all the books on my shelf yet.
    I hoard.
  3. I want to see if I really can become a doctor.
    Hard to tell right now.
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