1. Stop making up reasons why you can't. Make reasons why you should.
    Saying "I can't" is helpful to no one, especially you.
  2. Get places on time, you nub.
    Wake up and leave earlier than you think you need to. Act like you're going somewhere new.
  3. Exercise like you're training to be a pro Quidditch player.
    Because nothing else will motivate you to do that.
  4. Read something every day.
    Doesn't have to be a whole book.
  5. Learn something new.
    Usually acquired by reading or listening to people.
  6. Acquire 1-3 new skills a year.
    Riding a bike, learning an instrument, etc.
  7. Try something new at work.
    New project, new way to do something, new ideas...
  8. Be empathetic but don't lose your humor.
    People can tell if you hold back. Let loose and let it be awkward, but let them know you are trying to understand.
  9. Treat everyone equitably.
    Not everyone needs to be treated the same. They need to be treated in a way that equals how they feel you are treating others.
  10. Laugh every single day.
    Adulthood can look too bleak without comic relief.