never been beyond the veil
  1. When you want to go to sleep a mom tucks you in
    You can keep the mom
  2. Free champagne for your mouth/body
  3. Wide selection of movies on-demand, table-read live by original cast
  4. Poker dogs but you can play too as the only human
  5. Crash Geisha
  6. Swedish massage robot
    Robot is Swede, massage is hot stone
  7. Smoking section
  8. Gloryholes for both genders
    Gloryholes and Glorypoles
  9. Instead of skymall, script to whatever Fast and Furious movie is being made next year
  10. Dim sum carts, omelette station, gyro cone
  11. All life vests come with a Friday Night Lights cast member already wearing it
  12. Seats recline allllll the way back to your childhood
  13. Small bathroom crams itself into YOU
  14. Fart vacuum
  15. Mimorsels
    Starburst-esque mimosa bites
  16. Kill one person in coach, consequence free