My teacher friend asked me to come to her high school career fair so the kids could meet a screenwriter and I'm getting totally owned
  1. I have some handouts the school made about me and a bottle of water
  2. They have a fucking STAND UP BANNER
  3. What's killing me is that the kids are going to get the wrong isea
  4. They're going to think these guys have the coolest jobs
  5. What do they even do?
  6. Their banner says "YOU'LL NEED A SIGNALLING NETWORK" after what I assume is some sort of setup to that punch line
  7. Maybe if I take off my sweater and put it on my booth it'll look fuller?
  9. Abort
  10. Their sign is literally incomprehensible computer code and then at the bottom says IT'S THAT SIMPLE
  11. Look at this shit
    10e175c7 9ad4 46b8 9ecf 86ac391e299a
  12. Straight up had to take a free pen from the JP Morgan table just to fill out my survey, like a fucking poor penless loser
  13. This is the survey
    897c6e18 5bf5 4247 9d7a 843372c924d1
  14. A kid just walked up to me, shook my hand and then I asked him if he was interested in screenwriting and he said no
  15. The dance therapist is fucking KILLING IT
  16. There's lunch now and the computer guys are still at their booths like, WORKING on their computers
  17. The GM of the Brooklyn Cyclones is here.
  18. A girl just corrected me telling her MY name.
  19. I'm wearing a sweater so nowhere to like clip my nametag unless I want it super high up
    I guess I was anticipating stickers
  20. Clipped the nametag to a bunched up bit of my shirt but I think it's got a nipple clamp-y vibe going on
  21. Stress-ate two sandwiches
    The fried chicken one was better
  22. Do you think the kids can see the red mark on my face where I was slapped with these computer guys' big swinging dicks
  23. Resisting the urge to loudly mention how you DON'T NEED A SIGNALLING NETWORK
  24. Why did I get a BFA in screenwriting? Who does that?
  25. The implication of the banner is that they go to TONS of high school career fairs
    Who the fuck am I