A beginner's guide to the language of love/hate
  1. How can we make this feel more grounded?
    We spoke to the kid who called you a fag in 5th grade and he stands by his position
  2. Unclear what her comedic POV is
    Unclear why you are a better contribution to society than an equivalent mass of deli meats and cheeses that we forced into a pair of warby parkers
  3. What is episode 100?
    Why do you assume you aren't the villain in the story of your life instead of the protagonist? Which reminds us, protagonist + villain both suck
  4. We had some logic issues
    You make people pro-choice
  5. Can we do a general voice pass
    Can you give us back some of the money we gave you, we want to make a delicate origami noose and then hang ourselves at your mother's favorite salon
  6. This feels right to me
    Didn't read it