All meaningful at the time, all much more meaningful later.
  1. "If you're known for quality, you'll work forever."
    On: the very beginning of my career, as I was writing the first thing anyone had paid me to write. Applies to most things.
  2. "Being afraid to choke is not the creative energy I'm looking for."
    On: my confession that fear of screwing up my very first screenplay deal was keeping me from writing how I wanted to.
  3. "You want to be the sushi chef who spent ten years learning to cook the perfect grain of rice."
    On: script quality over quantity. There is something to be said for being prolific, and something to be said for producing something of a supreme level of polish, however much of it you do.
  4. "There's no such thing as good deals with bad people."
    On: whether or not I should work with someone I knew to be problematic, at a time when I needed the money. I took the deal.
  5. "Any script that gets produced has something you can learn from."
    On: my naive declaration that every network pilot of that year was dogshit. Given after telling me that he appreciated my "healthy contempt for everything."
  6. "If you start to take Vienna, take Vienna."
    On: a project I had been chasing for weeks, and was only halfway to landing. His paraphrasing of a Napoleon quote, dropped in casual conversation. Super baller.
  7. "I'm too old, and too rich."
    On: why, instead of standing in the line at Franklin's BBQ in Austin, he hired a PA to bring him brisket.