1. When Willy G. insisted and rabidly defended that sex takes EXACTLY 39 minutes
    He had read this somewhere and would not be dissuaded
  2. When Christian R. asked if a woman is shot in the breast, does milk come out
    He would later be on MTV's Made as a wannabe football quarterback
  3. When the HIV-positive bisexual man invited to speak to our class asked us to guess how many buckets of spit we would have to drink in order to transmit the disease by saliva
    It was about 2. He followed this by asking us how much spit we think is really swapped by a session of "good, deep kissing in the back of your chevy"
  4. When Willy G. insisted that you can get high off of licking the slime off of certain kinds of fish
    He is now a professional fisherman