Five things to know about the Recovery School District handover of schools in New Orleans

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards signed a law on Thursday that will end state oversight of schools in New Orleans. The state converted all of the schools under their control to charters which helped raise performance. Read more:
  1. The new law establishes a plan to hand over control of all Recovery School District (RSD) charters to the Orleans Public School Board (OPSB) by July 1, 2018.
  2. Between now and then, an advisory committee comprised of RSD and OPSB officials will be tasked with hammering out the details of the transfer.
  3. Returning charters will retain decision-making power over nearly all aspects of programming, hiring and firing, and day-to-day operations.
  4. The law also requires OPSB to maintain the existing common enrollment and expulsion systems, as well the RSD’s innovative school funding model, which which allocates additional funds to schools serving at-risk and special needs students.
  5. OPSB will now assume the role of authorizer of the returning charter schools, with the power to renew charter contracts and close those that fail.