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  1. Stay humble but assertive. Tell people to address me by my first name, not Mr. President.
  2. Talk to the press. When I walk out of a building and they are asking questions, I'd sit down on the steps and talk to them one on one.
  3. Do more about smoking. Make it illegal to smoke around other people in almost all circumstances.
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  1. 19. Spongebob
  2. 18. Thad Castle
  3. 17. Stewie Griffin
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  1. 6. Rob Gronkowski
    Really humble and funny
  2. 5. Andy Murray
    Kind've a douche but he gets to be since he is one of the most talented athletes ever. Currently best in the ATP.
  3. 4. Novak Djokavic
    Deserves the same recognition as Federer
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  1. 5. Characters
  2. 4. Acting
  3. 3. Writing
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  1. 9. Coach
    never liked him. Boring and I don't care about the stuff about him and his wife
  2. 8. Donnie
  3. 7. Harmon
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  1. 8. Cheryl
  2. 7. Pam
  3. 6. Cyril
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  1. The Office: Season 10
  2. Breaking Bad: Ended on good time
  3. It's Always Sunny: Season 15-20?
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These are tv shows that are on air or off air that should keep going or should've kept going because they still have so much stuff to do and are still just as creative.
  1. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
    The most creative live action show on tv. Could go on till season 20 especially since they only do 10 episodes a year now.
  2. The Office
    Even though it's over, they could've gone to season 10 or 11. Season 9 was one of the weakest seasons but I'm sure things could've gotten better in season 10.
  3. South Park
    Really funny and good still. They are changing the format to keep things fresh. They are doing better than ever.
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  1. Family Guy
    Showed its age in later seasons. After season 11, there was a big drop off and it just got bad. First 11 seasons are good.
  2. American Dad
    American Dad is still great. But they should end it so they can go out while they are strong.
  3. SpongeBob
    Bad now
  4. Archer
    The characters of Archer age like real life people. The show should end on season 10. Archer also doesn't reset like some shows do. It has continuous storylines and you have to watch it in order. They also mix things up each season with different formats. Should end before it goes bad. Season 6 was the weakest season and season 7 was great. We'll see for season 8.
  1. 8. South Park
  2. 7. Archer
    6. Blue Mountain State
  3. 5th/4th tie: The Office & It's Always Sunny
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