These are tv shows that are on air or off air that should keep going or should've kept going because they still have so much stuff to do and are still just as creative.
  1. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
    The most creative live action show on tv. Could go on till season 20 especially since they only do 10 episodes a year now.
  2. The Office
    Even though it's over, they could've gone to season 10 or 11. Season 9 was one of the weakest seasons but I'm sure things could've gotten better in season 10.
  3. South Park
    Really funny and good still. They are changing the format to keep things fresh. They are doing better than ever.
  4. Arrested Development
    So funny. They haven't even finished all their stories. They could do 3 more seasons if they wanted.
  5. Blue Mountain State
    The biggest one on here. 3 seasons? That's crazy. The show was too good to be on that short. They should've gotten AT LEAST 4. The show really should've gone on 8 seasons. They could've gone to the NFL in season 5 (or just Thad) and the rest of the team just mooches off his success.