This list is the gayest thing I've ever done!!! Yet
  1. Second Time Around
    A funky piano ballad technically recorded by Stefani Germanotta for her first ever studio release "Red and Blue"
    Putting this on the list because if I don't, there will be no songs from her third pop album, ARTPOP. I don't know who told Lady Gaga she could do rocky edm, but she can't. Thank god this trancey gem made it on the album 💎 or else the mere ~700,000 gays that bought the album would have no reason to keep enabling her
  3. Heavy Metal Lover
    "Gaydar is recognizing the scars of Born This Way on other gays" - me. This album was a mess. A mainstream pop star doing tacky 80s glam rock??? That's not why we jumped on the bandwagon, bitch. Again, this song stood out on Born This Way cause she wasn't fucking scream-singing about tired religious themes. And it kicks! Go gaga
  4. Electric Chapel
    A proto ARTPOP. If you ignore the disgusting power chords in the beginning, the song is hypnotic and cool. The lyrics are about Catholicism or fucking whatever, but it's so damn slick ✨ that I don't care.
  5. I Want Your Love (for Tom Ford 2015)
    Who produced this? Get him for your next album Gaga. The first time I've had hope for new Gaga music in a good while.
  6. So Happy I Could Die
    "Happy in the club with a bottle of red wing, smiles in her eyes cause were having a good time. Eh, eh, so happy I could die. Be your best friend, yeah I'll love you forever, up in the clouds where were higher than ever, so happy I could die." The amount of times I've wanted to make those lyrics caption to an Instagram post....they give me goosebumps. Good work Gaga. Euphoric song
  7. Disco Heaven
    GOD!!!! Back when Gaga did coke... god she made some amazing tracks when she did coke. (PLEASE GAGA DO COKE AGAIN!!!) My fantasy is to dance to this song on a rainbow dance floor all coked up in a big fur coat
  8. Brooklyn Nights
    First 30 seconds are a little campy/cringey. Then it drops and the chorus starts and I start crying. Angela and I first heard this song when it leaked second year in Harper...we both started crying...Gagas best song lyrically 100%
  9. Bad Romance (Chew Fu H1N1 remix)
    Listening to this was the first time I ever felt cool. It was intoxicating. IM A FREE BITCH!!!!!!
  10. Monster
    The bridge of this song is the peak of all pop music. Gaga could never release a good song again (and let's be real it's looking like she won't) and id still hold a candle for her because of this fucking song. Thematically, sonically, lyrically ... it all just came together and Gaga cut my head off. This song takes the number 1 spot easily. A true masterpiece, to me at least