I have sooooo many friends😳 but she's one of the best 😋 here are some things I like about her
  1. Smart
    My friend Miranda is smart! EQ and IQ! She's great at debating and arguing and is well read and has interesting opinions. I feel like she gets me even when I don't get me.
  2. Pretty
    As a gay man, I know I shouldn't objectify women, but sometimes I can't help it. Miranda is so fucking pretty!! She can look elegant, cool, conventionally pretty or stupid!! I almost like when she looks stupid the best- like in big sweatpants and a hat
  3. Funny
    I am funny enough for myself and everyone around me I don't have any need for funny people in my life, but I do LIKE having funny people in my life. Miranda makes me laugh but even more than that she makes me laugh in a way that no one else does. Her humor is twisted, wry, sharp and weird. BUT she can also be goofy, sassy and just plain old FUNNY
  4. Nice
    So nice. So understanding. Will listen, will hug, will cry with you. I've been sad around Miranda and have always felt safe, which someone as paranoid and anxious as me doesn't always feel!!!
  5. Cool
    She's from LA, and she has great taste. Movies, music , art- she's one of my coolest friends for sure, but not even in an annoying way, just in that way that truly cool people are cool.
  6. Gets high a lot
    Us weed heads gotta stick together 🍀