I love the end of the year in part for the fun of looking through end of year lists for movies and music and so many other things. I also love making and keeping my own personal lists. Rather than wait until further on in the month when I could look at other people's list and be influenced by them, I thought I'd get a jump start and release my mine
  1. That fight when I asked you to get curly kale at the farmers market and you came back with Tuscan kale and acted like it was no big deal.
  2. That fight in the kitchen we had Michael and Cynthia to dinner and you forgot that Cynthia had become a total vegetarian but you had made a dish with beef broth and whether to tell or her or just to serve it to her because she wouldn't notice. You were right, she didn't.
  3. The fight in the uber when were leaving the airbnb about the ethics of doing 99% of our shopping through Amazon Prime.
  4. That fight we were when driving over the hill to Jerome and Linda's place and I couldn't believe the route you took. And then Waze confirmed it was right.
  5. That fight when you thought your yoga class was more important than my tennis game and we both thought we had won and then forgot to pick Georgia up from her therapist for a few hours.
  6. That fight when you wanted to get a dog and I didn't so we compromised and got a dog.
  7. That fight when you wanted to move ahead and watch more episodes of Transparent and I thought you were being pushy and ruining watching tv together and then we never watched another show together for the rest of the year.
  8. That fight when one time I made dinner and afterwards you and Georgia were both "on your devices".
  9. That fight after we neglected to sign Georgia's report card and finally realized that we are so busy having sex all the time that we never have time to talk about children or schools or how to parent.
  10. That inevitable blow-out over whether it was ok to post this.