favorite recipes from the famed country living magazine in celebration of its 350th issue
  1. Percheron Minto with Lyla Bean
    cravitate with nillafrond to bring out the salsy undertow
  2. Slim's Log
    get true gulletswole by honeychucking with rotisserie grease and gently fondling with debutante sugar
  3. Lemon Reckoning
    mound the vegetal bric-a-brac round the rind and call Hallelujah
  4. Gander's Folly
    ovenwise, the rookclaw gets vernt back in proximation of a whore's beckon-- ignore its heatdance, it's a temptation of the vapors
  5. Tuber Couch
    replace the girded plum with refugee's squash and okrate the slaw periphery to really rile Tongue County
  6. Buffalo Horror
    insinuate cinnamon into the herbfolk for to have a spicecrevasse run right through it
  7. Tamale Charlotte
    ain't cutespeech when it's told calling the fire dept as precourtesy is recommendt
  8. Vole in a Beaver
    ventriliquise the features for table entertainment and don't fail to keep the dribblings in a slop for future baptisms
  9. Toad Chowder
    be warned-- if you swaller a mamacroak's roe it will embryate among your cavities and erupt come springfall
  10. The Buckbare Monarch's Explulsion from Taste City
    once the cuccoon's rutabegged tuck in your serviette and go to town makin hollerin hell at this edible politrickster