every morning I dutifully tune in to 2-3 min of each show before my afternoon of podcasts
  1. Hot Canvas with Shep & The Brig
  2. Hair of the Dawg w Crenny, The Fat Shit, n Melange
  3. The Divorce Monkey Call-In Show with The Divorce Monkey
  4. The Homestead Wife Interspeak Hour with Lisbet, Prudentia, Concordia, Resbetta, Anneliese, and New Mary
  5. This is Really Us Okay We Get Together and Talk on the Radio Because We Enjoy Each Other's Company Is That Really So Hard To Believe feat. Christopher Walkin, Werner Herzog, Al Pacino, and Bane
  6. Trout Matters with "Trout" Mike, "Trout" Carl, and Sturgeon Vanya
  7. Vamos a Switch Idiomas Inesperada con El Kevin, Keviche, Tío Vinny y Keviliña
  8. Blame Him in The AM with The Angry Reverend
  9. [only airhorns + audio samples from Rumble Fish??] with ???