1. Time to crunch
  2. Gotta crunch it
  3. Hafta swing some crunch up in this bunch
  4. Oooowee is it crunch time yet?
  5. Taste my crunch
  6. When are we going to frickin crunch in here
  7. Damn I have had enough of these no crunch punks
  8. Mmmmm smells like some-a-thin might get a-crunch-a-lin
  9. It's going to have to start crunching in here reeeal soon or I'm gonna crunch a mothercrunch
  10. Alright. Did someone unzip my crunch pack and steal one of my kiwi-lemon crunches? Seriously guys? Okay. Uncrunch.
  11. Damn if this ain't one clustercrunch of a crunch. Crunchdamn. Some days.
  12. Alright well, if that's it I'm crunching out. If you guys can't respect the crunch, then you don't respect yourselves. That's all I'm going to say.
  13. One more thing: it's one thing to be not the biggest cruncher in the world, but it's another thing to call someone who's exploring their crunch nasty words. I think I've made my point. Have a pleasant evening.
  14. Do it to the crunch or stuff
  15. No, you know what, crunch that. One life one crunch. Get crunchy, baby!