these little guys help me get through the day
  1. Grocery bags
    "Have a nice day!" entreats this smiling face. Why surely I will, thank you, speaketh I in rejoinder aloud to any so bag that may cross my path.
  2. Smile! You're on camera! signs
    Gladsome I am for the suggestion, kind sir notice. Hours I've spent obeying this dictum in giddy rapture.
  3. Car antennae
    Good to see a foam friend finding tranquilcy in his (or her!*) vantage (*Smileyfans are aware that the ratio of male to female Smileys is roughly 4:1, though from whence this proportion arose, only Father Time holds key).
  4. Old Joe Boxer merchandise
    Its slantwise wink and teasing tonguetip inspire a delightful conjurance of follydays and mischief hitherto unmade!
  5. Watchmen comic
    Ah, now this children's booklet bears a puzzling drip-- some viscous syrup slides cross its countenance! Perhaps the gaffe that drizzled the muck engendered such merriment as can be found on this muggins
  6. Drug paraphernalia
    Those who eat the lotus are rapt in nature's weave and I do not condone the use of Smiley for such low ends
  7. 😀😃😊😎😜
    A whole family of beamish facelings and not one bearing similance to the classic thin-lined upturned smileface: not one without alien frills, gawping gullets flaunting ivoried chops, or begrimed with accessories sullying the expression of pure contentment as is traditional among true smileys, as any Smilefan can attest. Disgusting and an abomination 👎🏼